Pull along side the front car. Line your wing mirror up with there front wheel. Try to be parallel with the car you are parking, and one metre or one arm length away.

Reverse backwards until the corner of your rear side window lines up with the back of the car you are parking.

Lock the steering wheel hard left, then let the car come round to 45 degrees. Next straighten your wheels up. 

Stay on the 45 degree angle and keep reversing very slow backwards straight. Using the side mirror, watch your rear wheel or rear of the car. Once the rear wheel is one foot from the curve lock the steering wheel hard right. 

Once the car lines up with the car in front then stop and move the car from reverse into drive. Slowly move forward and straighten your wheels up as you move forward.

* Always look out back window before reversing, not just using the reversing camera.

* Do not reverse into incoming traffic.

* The manoeuvre is not timed during the exam, so take your time.

* You are allowed two reverse, and one forward move.

* If you can help it, try not to dry steer.